Bill Goins - lead vocals & guitar Mike Huettig - guitar, drums & backing vocals Griffin P. Torrance - bass

Titles :

1 - No More 2 - Freedom 3 - Rev It Up 4 - Hit The Bricks 5 - Ghost Of Mary Green 6 - You And I 7 - The Slide 8 - Kettlebottom Blues 9 - Dog House 10 - The Stranger

It is nowadays usual for many bands to talk about e Lynyrd Skynyrd influence, and sometimes it can be confusing for all the fans. And Freedom and Whiskey is a true example of this confusion. There is a good Southern Rock music, but the sound is far away from Skynyrd. I think they are closer to, for instance, Laidlaw or Chain Lightning, that are good bands however, but not so close to Lynyrd Skynyrd. In spite of that, this album, issued some months ago, deserve to be listened !
John Molet

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