Bad Bad Name
( http://www.jumpthegun.de )


Ricky Gee, Lead Vocals, Tommy Bohn, Electric Guitars, Mique Bone, Right Guitars, Ruudy Gahner, Bass Guitar, Guido Littich, Drums

Titles :

1 Bad Bad Name 2 Cool Cool Cutie 3 Wings Of Love 4 Hold Back The Tears 5 Life Is An Open Highway 6 Sweet Radio 7 Tonight 8 Take Me Back To The Country
9 Let Me In 10 The Reason Why I'm Living 11 Got My Eye On You 12 Stand Up

This band, at the first listening, looks like Lizard, maybe because they also come from Germany. However, Jump the Gun offers us a good Country-Rock music, even if they are not at the top. There are good moments, like in 'Bad Names' and 'Cool Cool Cutie' with their great guitar riffs, and also on 'Sweet Radio' and 'Let me in', the best songs of the album in my opinion. Unfortunately, these songs are not good enough and show too low quality, in the songs and in the album production, even if they deserve our respect !
John Molet

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