Black Whiskey

Titles :

1 Jesco 2 High Wire 3 Should've Been Gone 4 Rust Town 5 Mercy me 6 Moonlight Child 7 Black Whiskey 8 Wooden Chair 9 Hard Times With


Slow Rollers, it's a direct trip to the seventies, with the sound and the musical approach. This Portland Oregon band is not very well known, but they say themselves that they have got a big influence from Lynyrd Skynyrd and the original Allman Brothers. Listening to this album, it seems to be really true, even if sometimes we can talk about influences from Mountain (Black Whiskey), Cry of Love (Jesco) and Black Crowes (High Wire). That what we get with the Slow Rollers, and, even if the production is not at the right level, music is pleasant to listen to. Now the harder is maybe to find the records shop where you can find this nice cd.
John Molet

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