Tribute to Point Blank & Other Heroes
( http://www.voodoobeans.cjb.net )

Titles :

1 Free Man 2 Movin' 3 Back In The Alley 4 That's The Law 5 Tattooed Lady 6 Respect Me In The Morning 7 Roll With Me 8 Evil 9 I Don't Need No Doctor


We don't often find a Point Blank cover band, many fans thought about it but few dared to do it. We must admit that, in spite of its great talent, this Southern Rock giant band never got a big hit that he obviously deserved. That is why Voodoo Beans musicians felt it and wished to make it know with this 'Tribute'. When we listen to this album, we can really feel a true respect to the Rusty Burns and John O Daniel band. 'Free Man' 'Moving', 'Back in the Alley', 'That's the Law' covers are really good, even if I think that somewhere the famous Rusty Burns and Kim Davis choruses are missing, these choruses are the real Point Blank signature !
John Molet

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