LIve 2004
2004 Autoproduction
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Musiciens :
Michael Morrison, Drums, Nicolas Nordin, Bass, Magnus Blomberg, Keyboards, Daniel Milovan, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Roger Rapp, Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Hans Lundkvist, Rhythm & Slide Guitars, Staffan Karlsson, Lead Vocals

Titles :

1 That Smell - 2 Eat Your Heart Out - 3 Simple Man - 4 Preacher Man - 5 Voodo Lake - 6 I Know A Little

It is not always obvious to give a good opinion about cover cds (most of them from Skynyrd) that we receive at RTJ. I do understand such bands that hope, with these covers, to get through and being known, but, being a great Skynyrd fan and playing myself covers from them, it's hard to be a good judge about such recordings. But today, I've listened to this swedish band "Southern Souls" and the six songs they gave us : That Smell, Simple man, Preacher Man, Woodoo Lake, I know a Little de Skynyrd et " Eat your Heart out" de Molly Hatchet (Devils Canyon). We can say they have tried to be close to the original versions, even if the musicians come from different musical influences. The line-up has three guitars, a keyboard, a bass guitar, drums, a singer and two female chorists, and shows us a great southern rock feeling. Just have a look on their site :
John Mollet

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