Under The Influence
( 2004 Santuary )

Titles & Musicians

1 - Call Me The Breeze - Les Claypool / 2 - Saturday Night Special - Galactic / 3 - Simple Man - Gov't Mule /
4 - Whiskey Rock-A-Roller - North Mississippi Allstars / 5 - The Ballad Of Curtis Loew - Moe & John Hiatt /
6 - Free Bird - Blues Traveler / 7 - Every Mother's Son - Drive By Truckers /
8 - Sweet Home Alabama - Big Head Todd & The Monsters / 9 - Gimme Three Steps - Disco Biscuit /
10 - Four Walls Of Raiford - Yonder Mountain String Band / 11 - Workin' For MCA - Particle /

So... Just let me five minutes to get back on stage. My friends told me... John take care to your heart when you listen to this Tribute album.... Really ?... They were right ! I am a die-hard Skynyrd fan and I've a strange and terrible feeling with such an album. At the first listening, I was disappointed by the way they play such great and classic songs, and I really hate that. But, I must say that there is something... I think that I must admit that such bands do really play well and I can't deny that. But when we listen to songs such as Saturday Night Special (Galatic), Workin' for MCA (Particle), Sweet Home Alabama (Big Head Todd and the Monsters) or Gimme Three Steps (Disco Biscuits), I have to choose the right words. I do want to turn the radio off....but ? I must admit that on this special album, I can note some good covers, like "Whiskey Rock n' Roller" from North Mississipi All Stars, "Ballad of Curtis Loew" from Moe/John Hiatt and especially "Simple Man" from Gov't Mule. In fact, if there is only one reason to buy such a record, it is because of this last cover !
John Molet

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