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Titles :

1 Live For The Music - 2 Turn Me Loose - 3 Raise Up Yo' Hands - 4 She's My Baby - 5 Shock The Bones - 6 Driftin' Like The Wind
7 Sweet Southern Sunshine - 8 Guitar Man - 9 Downtown Girl - 10 Rock U 2 The Limit - 11 Stay With Me Tonight

Coming from the south of the United States, just discovered at RTJ, this band offers us a real good southern bluesy Rock n' Roll. This band has been created with musicians of the Maryville Tennessee studios, and gives us today his second record : Sweet Southern Sunshine. This title shows us the way Rusty, Jeff and Wade are going to take us. As soon as the first song begins, "Life for the Music", we can notice a real good sound, that is a real good thing. Then comes "Turn me Loose" with its Billy Gibbons style riff. We can hear that the Werewolves have ZZ Top as a great influence, and other southern great influences. Then the great boogie-song "She's my Baby", "Raise up Your Hands" (great Rock n' Roll song), "Driftin' like the Wind" (great acoustic and emotional ballad), and "Downtown Girl" with a nice bass style, are real good songs. So "Dixie Werewolves" is a nice band ! Maybe we just can say that they are mainly turning around guitar riffs, but that's not a great problem !!
John Molet

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