Can You Feel It
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Musicians :
Scott Casteel, Guitar, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Jeb Shelton, Bass, Ryan Reichard, Drums, Jeremy Miller, Guitar.

Titles :
1 Knox County (Miller's Tune) - 2 Home - 3 Summer Skies - 4 Crazy Lady - 5 Can't Make It On Goodbye - 6 Can't Forget You - 7 Little Miss Daisy
8 Some Kind Of Fool - 9 On My Way - 10 Into The Sunset - 11 Can You Feel It

I remember in 2002 this band when was released their last album and I already was really impressed. The name was great (Lady in Waiting), but mainly their musical style, quite like Outlaws first cds, got my attention. So now with this "Can you Feel It", Hurry Sundown is back again and still alive. Coming from Springfield, born in 2001, this band is a real Country-Rock group (between Outlaws and Marshall Tucker), so it's not a real surprise to see that Steve Grisham (Ghost Riders ex-Outlaws) is now the producer, and sometimes has an influence on the music. Hurry Sundown gives a great importance to the vocals, like often in Country Music, but we get here nice vocal harmonies, in the Outlaws beginnings way. Songs such as Home Summer Skies or Can You Feel It show this great influence, and when I listen to Crazy Lady I sure have a thought for Billy Jones.
John Molet

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