Same ( Court Records - 1998 )
( http://www.vitalogy.tv/judge_parker.html )

Larry Pearson, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Robert Takatch, Bass, Arthur Pearson, Lead Guitar, Victor Lukenbaugh, Drums.
Titles :

1 She Still Does - 2 Louisiana Rain - 3 Sweet Delta Water - 4 Goin' Gone - 5 Baby's Blues - 6 Slow Down Irene - 7 The Price Of An Education
8 My Missouri - 9 Elvis And Jerry - 10 The Traveler

Issued in a quite anonymity in 1998, this great Judge Parker auto-production (a famous judge name that used to hang up more than do the law) will breathe you away. This band has gathered in 1998 at Fort Smith, Arkansas, with the brothers Larry and Arthur Pearson. They have played for ten years in the United States and then have recorded that cd. Nice idea, but there has been a lack of promotion. Southern Bands don't sign with Court Records, or you won't never make it ! So this 1998 cd is really great ! This ten songs record has real great southern influences, and begins with "She Still Does", in an Allman Brothers way ; then comes "Louisiana Rain", with some violin in a Charlie Daniels "Fire on the Mountain" spirit ; "Sweet Delta Water" nice Outlaws style country-rock ballad, then "Goin' Home" with its Arthur Smith guitar boogie intro, and the beautiful Snynyrd-style "Slow Down Irene" will sure kill you ! And when you get this cd in your hands, you sure ask how this fantastic band never made it ? It only arrived too late. And the great Elvis and Jerry Lee homage at the end won't change your mind. Judge Parker, the great and feeling made of band, with a great singer with a deep voice, with a great musical production, this band must have found the real Judge Parker, who has sure arrested and hung them. That is the only reason why they never made it !
Jacques Dersigny

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