Titles :
Burning sky / Can't get enough / Feel like makin' love / Rock steady / Movin' on / Deal with the preacher / Ready for love / Rock'n roll fantasy / All right now / Bad company / Silver, blue and gold / Shooting star / Joe Fabulous / Saving grace

Musicians :
Paul Rodgers : vocals
Simon Kirke : drums
Dave Colwell :guitar
Jaz Lochrie : bass

I've always been a die-hard fan from Bad Co, and I've been waiting this live album from one of the master bands of classic rock for such a long time. Sure, the fantastic voice of Mister Paul Rodgers, always so impressive, is still there but I think the magic is not here : some larsens or uncontrolled sounds from the guitar (Deal with the preacher, Shooting Star), and the most important to me, I prefer for this kind of music when it's played with two guitars (you won't have the guitar harmonies as there are on originals). Paul is singing some parts of "Ticket to ride" and "I'm fine" during "Rock'n roll fantasy" as a respect for the Beatles. You also have the Free classic "All right now". But anyway, Bad Co will always be Bad Co ! (and this is not true for all the rock bands).
John Molet

For the ones who are a bit late with the technology, as I am, we have to go ahead as many bands use this technology, the DVD to spread their music around the globe. And all the music uses it, jazz, blues, rock, counrtry, hard rock. Back in the 70's, Paul Rodgers, when creating Bad Company, certainly didn't think he would offer his fans a live concert that way. It's not always a good thing for the rock'n roll cause ! But anyway, you have to be in tune with your time, and it was mostly fans from the 70's who attended these shows, as two of them have been recorded, one at "The Grove of Anaheim" and the other one in Denver. There are also a bonus track ("Saving grace") and interviews. If you already got the new cd "Merchant of cool", you'll almost got the same set list, but you also got the images. You'll get songs which are not on the cd, such as the great "Good lovin' gone bad" and "Wishing well". On this last song, there are two guests guitar player, Neal Schon and Slash who came to jam with their friends.
John Molet

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