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You canít take the honky tonk out of the girl / Caroline / When we were kings / Thatís what she gets for loving me / Red dirt road / Feels good donít it / I used to know this song by heart / 8 Believer / Memory town / She was born to run / Till my dyiní day / My babyís everything I love / Good day to be me / Good cowboy

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The kings of honky tonk music are back, the lords of the new country music are releasing their eleventh album ! It starts real strong with "You can't take the honky tonk out of the girl", what a hell of a rock'n roll song it is. From the very first notes, you instantly think of Keith Jagger and the Rolling Stones. It goes on with "Caroline" and his southern riff. We go from country music to southern rock music, and I must admit I'm not disappointed. These guys are really great. I won't talk in detail about every song as these are just great songs (listen to "Feels good don't it" and you know what I mean), but let me tell you, to me this is certainly the best album Brooks & Dunn released to this day. Of course, this feeling will be about the same with their next album !! ha ha !!
John Molet

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