2001 Bg Engine - SIO2222
Titles :
Juggernaut / I wish I / What have I got to lose / I hate love / What I've waited for / Firtin' with disaster Winter's call / TNT / Sister Mary / Pretty nymphomaniac

Musicians :
Tony Mikus : guitar, vocals
Hans Oellerich : guitar
Banner Thomas : bass
Neal Hale : drums

What a great surprise to gat this new "Big engine" album. It's their 6th album, but as usual, they're almost completely unknown in France.
First, these guys are from Jacksonville, FL and secondly, they've a well known bass player, Mr. Banner Thomas. Everybody will remind him as the original bass player from Molly Htachet. A great and powerful album, with really nice guitar parts. Hans Oellerich, the lead guitar joined the band when he was 14, back in '93 ! Tony Mikus is the lead vocalist and grreat songwriter (listen to the great ballad " What Have I Got To Lose ") The bands plays some covers from Molly Htachet ("Flirtin' with disaster") and from ACDC ("TNT").
Let's hope they can find a european label in Europe…
Bruno Bages

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