For The Reckonin'

Titles :

1 Diddley Squat - 2 My Inspiration - 3 Georgia - 4 The Other Side - 5 Let It Fly - 6 Think Of Me - 7 In Your Dreams
8 Codine - 9 Nightmare - 10 Again' The Law - 11 Drastic Change

When I got this record I wonder who were these guys, but nothing was written on the cover, only the titles. So I went on the net, I searched on Google, and I got two bands with this name… one of them playing southern songs covers… So it is still a mystery to me, and I did listen to this record… The third song "Georgia" was quite a revelation to me : this is a real good southern rock band ! This song looks like Lynyrd Skynyrd, with a great piano. On the other songs, we feel an Atlanta Rhythm Section influence, especially on "Diddley Squat" intro that looks like ARS "Jukin'". This group can be a confirmation to us, that many great bands are still unknown, but should be better known, even if bands such as Mason Dixon or Budderkat won't ever been major groups, they will always bring us some pleasure to listen to recent and good southern records. No, southern rock is still not dead, even if some would like it to be no more alive…

Philippe Archambeau

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