Titles :
Leaving you this morning / You ain't listening / Stand still / Primitive / All I've got left is the blues / Putting out the fire / Straighten up and fly right / Made from scratch / Peaches and sweeter / No cover charge

Musicians :
Gregg Brooks : vocals
Tim Brooks : guitar
Tom Canning : keyboards
Kemper Waban : bass
Greg Morrow : drums
Dave Mc Nair : percussion
Joe Sublett : saxophone
Albert Lee : guitar ("Peaches and sweeter")

Before Tim Brooks released two beautiful albums with his own band ("Tim Brooks and the alien sharecroppers"), he had released this great album with his brother Gregg on vocals. And what a voice ! A really good blues-rock album where Gregg let us discover his capabilities on vocals, and where his brother Tim plays his guitar his own way, always incisive and efficient, but can also be real melodic when needed. Listen to the song "All I've got left is the blues", and you'll know what I mean. For those who weren't convinced Tim Brooks was a slide master, listen to the title "Made from scratch" and you should now agree. Let's note a great collaboration with the legendary Albert Lee on the song "Peaches and sweeter".
Dominique Turgot

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