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WRC - Goober Peas
Los Vobos - Cerna dira
General Lee - Konecna
Pumpa - Tise nesu kost
Stetson - Kraceta dolu od hospody
R-Force - Ja mam cas
Petr Bultas band - Dej mi pokoj
Hartus - Harley
Stara Ceste & MBA Band - Country boogie marmelada
Los Vobos - Schizofrenik nemuze byt vlastne nikdy sam
Campanus - Ted prave mel jsem chuf
General Lee - Jasna vec
Netto - Souzneni
Stetson - Dej si blues
Hartus - Alabama
Stara Cesta & MBA Band - Zivot je skvelej
Tonny's southern section - Kidnej proud
Ondrej Konrad - Kulaty pepa

Whiskey & Buraky is not the name of a new southern rock band coming out from Czech republic, but it's a compilation of all the major southern rock band from this european country. And this is a great album with great bands ! You'll discover General Lee and Netto, which have already been reviewed here on RTJ, but you'll also discover great bands such as MBA Band, Pumpa, R-Force, among others. For sure, each band has its own music and own influences, but they offer us, what is the most important, the passion for the music we all love so much.
Dominique Turgot

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