Titles :
Stricken / Get out Of my Way / Hard liviní (live) / Born loser (live) /Whiskey (live) /Keepiní On (live) / Drift away / Whiskey Mama / Raging Fire / Iíll get baby / Free Man / Voices in the night

Musicians :
Brad Durden : organ
Neil Carswell : vocals
Jon Byrd : guitar
Eric Suttlemyre : drums
Tony Hawkins : bass

What a great surprise to get this album from Copperhead. They made it about ten years ago with a great first album and....nothing more since. Wh thought they disbanded. But as we say it in the south : "The South gonna rise again" even if we don't really know if the band will re-unite or not but we sure appreciate this recording made quite a few years ago. As we received it, it directly went to the cd player and we had a listen to it. For those who never had the pleasure of listening their first release, you have to know this band plays a music clse to what we usually call "hard southern rock". The guitars have a really great impact on the music, just as Blackfoot did in its great years. This album gets four songs from the first one recorded live ("Hard livin", "Born loser", "Whiskey", "Keepin' on"), and some unreleased studio cuts such as the great "Get out on my way", "Drift away" or "Whiskey Mama" from ZZ Top. Produced by the famous Rodney Mills, we hope this great band will start a kind of a new career.
John Molet

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