One Road Home
(Branded Records-2003)


Titles :
1 Broken Dreams / 2 Southern Music / 3 Three Days / 4 Little Miss Lonely / 5 Wait Until Tomorrow / 6 Leave It All Behind /
7 Honky Tonk Drifin / 8 Nothing Stops The Rain / 9 Grass Of My Home / 10 Working Man / 11 I Can Wait Another Day /
12 The Other Side
Musicians :
Mark Parker, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar / Gary Winstanley, Bass Guitar /John Cochran, Guitar / Chris Malone, Drums

We just discovered recently this group at RTJ, and it seems that Cross Cut Saw is a real South band, born in 2001 by Mark Parker (lead vocal and lead guitar) and John David Cochran (rhythm guitar). This group gives us a seventies influenced Rock n'Roll, from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and the other south US states. There is a great male rock spirit, with "sweating" guitars, hard riffs on every song, but there are also some quiet songs, ballads like "Three days" (looking like "Comin' Home" from Skynyrd) or "Wait Until Tomorrow" (like Bob Dylan). They call themselves the Southern Rock new spirit, are Molly Hatchet, Skynyrd, Marshall fans, they were the opening band for 38 Special, David Allan and Co, and the Classics Southern Rockers, so we just can wish them good luck and keep going on the road !
John Molet