V2 VVR1020772
Titles :
Disc 1/2 :
Midnight from the inside out / Sting me / Thick & thin / Greasy grass river / Sometimes salvation / Cursed diamond / Miracle to me / Wiser time / Girl from a pawnshop / Cosmic friend

Disc 2/2 :
Black moon creeping / Hi head blues / Title song / She talks to angels / Twice as hard / Lickin' / Soul singing / Hard to handle / Remedy

Musicians :
Rich Robinson : vocals
Steve Gorman : drums
Eddie Harsch : keyboards
Audley Freed : guitars
Andy Hess : bass

May be it's the last fly from the Crowes the Robinson brothers are offering us, with this live album recorded during their last US tour. They show us they were a great rock'n roll band with their personal sound and musical approach, which helped them getting more and more fans throughout the years. While listening to this great album, we may wonder what will be left after such bands leave the stage ; we can even worry about the rock'n roll's future as the whole rock'n roll world is affected each time a band with that kind of fame disappears. Bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Aerosmith among others are not endless, one day they won't be there anymore. So let's hope the split of the band is just a nightmare and they'll be back together one day.
John Molet

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