Titles :
Shot from the saddle / Nadine / Down in the Texas / Bits and pieces / Twenty-four-7-365 / Neighbor, neighbor / Melissa / Get down / Good days, bad days / What’s up With that / Her mind is gone / Desire

Musicians :
Scott Boyer : vocals, guitar
David Hood : bass
Kelvin Holly : guitar
NC Thurman : piano

Released on the Blues Music Association label, this album from the Decoys is mainly blues oriented and really pleasant to listen to. Don't forget this band was put together some fourteen years ago by the great Johnny Sandlin, well known around the Allman Brothers's family, Delbert MC Clinton, Widespread Panic, among others. There is some of a southern feel in this album, bit the most remarquable feel is surely the blues, and its pretty cool atmospheres with songs which reminds me sometimes of Eric Clapton ("Bits and pièces"), or even Little Feat ("What's up with that"), and of course of the Allman Brothers with the cover of "Melissa". David Hood, guitar player, who played with so many great acts such as Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, and many more, reminds us the blues has always been obne of the great components of southern rock music.
John Molet

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