DICKEY BETTS and The Great Southern
"Instant Live concerts Series" Live Cleveland 9/03/2004

Musiciens : Dickey Betts : Guitars & Vocals - Dan Toler : Guitar - David Stoltz : Bass Guitar
Frankie Lombardi : Drums & Percussion - Michael Kech : organ & piano

Titles :

CD 1
1 Little Martha
2 Standy Rolling Man
3 Blue Sky
4 Change My Way
5 Girl With The Deep Blue Eyes
6 Donna Maria

1 Southbound
2 / 3 Nobody Blues
4 Where It All Begins
5 Get Away
6 Kitchen
7 Having A Good Time

1 Liz Reed
2 Ramblin Man
3 No One To Run With
4 Seven Turns
5 Jessica

Happily, with the opportunity to listen to « Instant Live » we can now appreciate the new and great musical performances from mister Dickey Betts. As I’m a fan, I was ready to listen to the first cd (on 3) on my …, and obviously the pleasure was there…
Oh yes, it was not a surprise, but now we don’t need to be surprised to enjoy Mister Dickey, his talent and his feeling are enough to give the feeling and the colour that are today … to the Allman Brothers since he lived (or was fired) the band !
In the Great Southern are now the old and irreplaceable Dangerous Toler (guitar), David Stoltz (bass guitar), Franck Lombardi (drums) and Michael Kach (organ and piano), so it’s not utile to tell you that…the talent is there ! ! And it’s such a pleasure to listen to these old RnR hits, that were created by one of the greatest Southern Man in history, because are on this record such songs like : Blue Sky, Change My Way of Living, Ramblin’ Man, Seven Turns or the great Jessica. Dickey takes a great part of his new set with old stuff he made with the ABB. He’s right because his former band doesn’t play anymore such great songs… and it’d really be a pity to let such diamonds in the attic…
Keep the faith Dickey ! !

John Molet

Titles :
Beyond the Pale / Georgia on a Fast Train / One Stop Bebop #2 / Tangled Up in Blue / Steady Rollin' Man / Change My Way of Livin' #2 / The Preacher / Seven Turns #3 / Willy and Po'

Musicians :
Dickey Betts : vocals, nylon and steel string accoustic guitar, accoustic slide guitar
"Dangerous" Dan Toler : steel string accoustic guitar
Kris Jensen : Tenor sax, alto sax, flute
Matt Zeiner : background vocals
Frank Lombardi : percussion, background vocals
Mark Greenberg : drums, percussion
Dave Stoltz : bass, stand updirect bass

Guests :
Dave Liles : guitar on "Georgia on a fast train" and "The preacher"
Lenny Ski : fiddle on "Beyond the pale", "The preacher", "Georgia on a fast train"
T.C Carr : blues harp on "Tangled up in blue", "Steady rollin' man", "Change my way of livin'"

If some people had doubts about Dickey's capacity to enjoy his fans, they can be reassured. Dickey, with this new album offers us such a great album, a real feast. his new album is entirely accoustic and shows a new facet of Dickey's playing in the way he deals with melodies and harmony (a bit different from what he does on electric guitar) and the way he worked the arrangements, especially the instruments (the guitar-violin duet for example). Different musical styles are approached here ; from irish accents with "Beyond the pale", to swing with "Georgia on a fast train", to jazzy atmospheres with "One stop bebop #2) which sometimes reminds me of Django Reinhardt, to blues ala of Robert Johnson "Steady Rollin' man". The new version of "Change my way of livin'" is absolutely fabulous, a bit slower than the original one, with so much feeling from Dickey and Dan Toler's guitars. "Willy and Po" is a kind of blues medley with bits of "Midnight blues" and phrases reminding of "Rollin' and tumblin'". What can I say about this new version of "Seven Turns", it's just fantastic. If you wanna gete this album, you won't find it in regular stores, as it's only available at Dickey's shows or through his website.
Dominique Turgot

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