LIVE II 2006

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Titles :
Nightshift - Take Me To The River - Stone Blue - Drivin' Wheel - Mumbo Jumbo - Terraplane Blues - Fool For The City
I Just Wanna Make Love To You - Chateau Lafite '59 Boogie - Slow Ride - Trouble Trouble - Hurry Up and Wait Jam

Hey man !! A real blues-rock bomb this Foghat Live II. We were waiting for the release of the DVD Bootleg #2, and the surprising Bryan Basset and his friends offer us a double live cd, that is, for me, one of the best albums of this year. Recorded in July 2005 during a Californian show, and in a beautiful opening package, Foghat had the good idea to use, for this cd cover, the same logo and package that the famous Live 1977 (a little hello to the missing Lonesome Dave and Rod Price). Another interesting side of this album is the choice of the songs, a real good choice with songs such as 'Take Me To The River", "Stone Blue", "Terraplane Blues" and the always wonderful "Chateau Lafitte 59 Boogie".
First, with "Night Shift", I've understood we got a great live recording that gave us Bryan Basset. He made a great job on this album (recording,mastering…), and the guitars sound is really wonderful. The way the songs are played maybe sometimes are different of the original versions, but they are always interesting with a heavy heat on the stage. A great Foghat Records release.
When we listen to this recording, we notice that only one song of the album 'Family Joules' issued in 2003 is present, "Mumbo Jumbo" that looks a little bit like ZZ Top's "Waitin' For The Bus" ; it confirms that Foghat is one of the best Blues-Rock band of the seventies. "Terraplane Blues" may look like Aerosmith, with Charlie Huhn voice close to Steven Tyler one, and that's not a shame ! "Stone Blue" and "Chateau Lafitte 59 Boogie" are great moments of feeling and energy (maybe Graig McGregor coming back on bass guitar is the reason), and the two recorded in studio bonus tracks "Trouble Trouble" and the jazzy "Hurry Up And Rehearsal Jam" prove, if necessary, the musical abilities of that great and famous band that Foghat will stay forever.
This super Live album has to be in every Big Bluesy Rock record collection, or it'd be a crime !

John Molet



Official Bootleg DVD 1
( 2002-2004 )

Titles :

1 I'm A Rock'n Roller - 2 Self-Medicated - 3 Honey Hush - 4 Take Me To The River - 5 I Feel Fine - 6 Home In My Hnad -
7 Sweet Home Chicago - 8 Fool For The City - 9 I Just Want To Make Love To You - 10 Maybellene - 11 Slow Ride

We are real Foghat fans and it is obvious for us that we have to thank Bryan Bassett, Tony Stevens, Roger Earl and Charlie Huhn for such a good job to keep the flame alive for so long. What a great pleasure to be able to always enjoy these great songs created by these seventies Rock n' Roll musicians. Die-Hard fans do remember that thirty years ago they discovered "Home in my Hand", "Fool for the City", "Honey Hush" and "Slow Ride", songs that became later Classic Rock standards ; and now, quite thirty-five years later, the spirit of the band is still alive for all the fans, and we imagine that mister Lonesome Dave (group leader and founder), that unfortunately died five years ago, must be very proud to see (from heaven) that his friends are on the same way he was for thirty years. This Official Bootleg dvd is a wonderful live rock music testimony, for people who enjoy Boogie Rock and especially Foghat Boogie Rock. This dvd has been mainly recorded at Red Rocks festival in Colorado and seems to be essential for every Classic Rock-Blues fan.

John Molet

Titles :
Mumbo jumbo / Hero to zero / Thames delta blues / Flat busted (and out of gas) / I feel fine / I'm a rock 'n roller / Hit the ground running / Looking for you / Long time coming / Sex with the ex / Self-medicated / Mean voodoo woman / Voodoo woman blues

Musicians :
Roger Earl : drums
Bryan Bassett : guitar
Tony Stevens : bass
Charlie Hunn : guitar, vocals

Hoo !! What a great surprise this new album from leaded by the great Bryan Basset, who also played a few years with Molly Hatchet, and the vocalist Charlie Huhn, and by the unshakable and undestroyable rhythm section, I mean Roger Earl on the drums and Tony Stevens on the bass. Foghat is back on the tracks for the joy of their fans. Three years ago, when the leader and main founder, the great Lonesome Dave Peverett passed axay, the future of the band was uncertain and not so many fans thought they would continue the legend of this fabulous rock band from the seventies. Well, we have to admit that Bryan and his buddies went back to work and I'm pretty sure Lonesome Dave, from up above, must be happy by the work done by Brian, Roger, Charlie and Tony. On a pure musical point of view, this album is pure rock'n roll, going from Classic rock, hard rock, or even Southern rock, even if the album doesn't a great identity as did have albums such as "Energized", "Fool for the city" and "Night shift", among others. This new album starts with the song "Mumbo jumbo" reminding me a lot of the ZZ Top's repertoire ("Waiting for the bus"), as the song "Long Time Commin'" does. Songs such as "Iím a rock'n roller" or "Self medicated" are pretty much hard rock oriented. And as the blues has always been a really big part of the Foghat's influences, we have great blues songs with "Thames delta blues" and "Mean voodoo woman". Nothing to complain about ! Good rockin' album !!
John Molet

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