Titles :
zz... / Psi pisen / 'Si druha / U.D.H /Konecna /Estrada / Johnny Walker's red / Zizkovskej rock'n roll / Tutovej parohac / Nejsem blbej / .....Vrat se / Tahni

Musicians :
Dominik Wallenfels : lead vocal, harmonica
Vit "Havlajz" Havlicek : lead guitar, backing vocals
Michal "Pely" Pelant : lead guitar, backing vocals
Vaclav "Cada" Ruzicka : bass
Oldrich "AC" Borovicka : drums, backing vocals

FABULOUS !!! Great album from General Lee, which came out in 1995, and which has been completely forgotten, here in Western Europe. I must confess I was really curious when we received this album from the Czech Republic (Yeah ! Eastern Europe seems to be in southern rock music !!!). What a nice surprise ! From the very beginning, I was conquered by the interpretation, the quality of their playing, the production, the arrangements and by the songwriting. General Lee seems inspired by Molly Hatchet in the way they build their songs and also in the guitar fills which remind me of Dave Hlubek. There's also influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Johnny Walker's red", only title sung in english) and some typical guitar licks from the great Allen Collins. The album ends with a song inspired by "Freebird" or "Highway Song" (slow parts, faster parts getting faster, long guitar solos) show the students learned from their masters. Hats off !!
Dominique Turgot

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