Ghost Train From Georgia
( New South Production - Halycon Music - 4042588-0004-4-3 )

Titles :

1 Where'd You Learn To Love Like This ? - 2 Who's Been Cheatin' In Who ? - 3 When Two Hearts Beat As One
4 Ghost Train From Georgia - 5 Holding On To Someone Letting Go - 6 Two Wheel Ride - 7 Close Enough For Love (For Me)
8 Homebound - 9 Help Me Lord - 10 Miss Understanding - 11 Dixie Flyer

Musicians :
Dru Lombar, Guitar, Slide, Lead Vocals, Eddie Stone, Keyboards, Steve Miller, Bass, Wally Condon, Drums, Jack Corcoran, Guitar

We are always afraid, we always have a kind of fear to find again an old friend we didn't meet for a long time ! Will he be like before, will we have the same good vibes ? I got this fear when I heard about this new Dru Lombar band record, when I learned that there was a Grinderswitch reformation, this legendary southern band, that was as good as the Marshall Tucker Band and that gave up because of the lack of commercial reconnaissance. It's been a long time since these guys (except with Dr Hector…) were out of the job, and they didn't give us anything good to listen to…
People that were afraid can be now happy ! Everything is the same, nothing has changed. Hot and powerful Dru voice, good and sometimes gospel vocals ( "Ghost Train From Georgia", "Help Me Lord"), a good and powerful guitar, Dixie spirit still alive ("Dixie Flyer"), heavy songs ("Two Wheel Ride"), and don't forget Eddie Stone arrival in the band, that seems to have found a right way to go and play (after playing twice with Doc Hollyday, solo projects, and now Grinderswitch). There is a nice duo with Miranda Louise on the heavy "Close Enough For Love For Me". So, nothing's missing… quite because, we must admit, that there are not too much country feelings like we used to have in the former Grinderswitch. There is nothing to do, except to accept Dru Lombar choice. However it's not too bad because "Ghost Train From Georgia" is a good and really pleasant album to listen to, with old country-blues moments, a darker musical atmosphere, like in the deep South…Dru Lombar gives us a country white blues, moving, that tells us a lot about southern rock roots, for southern die-hard fans like us… It is a great comeback, a big event of this year (with Winters Brothers) with the new bands Ghost Riders and Tishamingo !
Jean-Claude Pinteaux

Live At My Father's Place
Musicians :
Dru Lombar, Chant, Guitare, Stephen Miller, Piano, Chris Anderson, Guitare, Joe Dan Petty, Basse, Rick Burnett, Batterie.
Titles :
1 Pickin' The Blues - 2 Watermelon Time In Georgia - 3 Redwing - 4 Lady Luck - 5 Movin On Back To You - 6 Stop Down Baby
7 Elevator Woman - 8 Kiss The Blues Goodbye - 9 Hide Away

A new album by Grinderswitch is always a good thing for the southern rock and blues music fan. Of course, this recording was made in the early 80's, for a Long Island radio station show (WLIR), but is shows us Grinderswith at its best (I've always thought they were much more interesting on stage than in the studio). As usual, Dru and his buddies play a music mostly based on blues music (pretty much in a Chicago style). The album starts with a tribute to the late Elmore James and the title "Pickin' the blues", which also include some verses from "It hurts me too" and "Dust my broom", and finishes with an other tribute, to the great Freddy King, with a personal version of the famous "Hide away", where the main riff is quickly replaced by sung parts. If the Dru Mombar's guitar work is pretty well known by fans, this album allows us to discover the Chris Anderson's guitar work and southern phrasing, at least with the song "Lady Luck" (Chris will also work with the Outlaws, the Harvey Dalton band and in currently working with Henry Paul and the Blackhawks).
Dominique Turgot

Titles :
How come it is ? / Moving on back to you / The warm kind / Your gonna miss me / Dr Hector's traveling show / I count the tears / If the world was my guitar / That's what you get / Lady Luck / Wheel of fortune

Musicians :
Donnie Van Zant : Vocals
Don Barnes : guitar, Vocals
Danny Chauncey : guitar, Vocals
Bobby Capps : Keyboards, backing vocals
Larry Junstrom : bass
Gary Moffatt : drums

Great surprise for us to be able to re-discover this legendary band, Grinderswitch, a band playing all styres of music from country rock to rythlm'n blues, and sometimes even reggae, and of course great southern rock (re-listen to the album "Redwing" from Atco Records back in '77). Well, this album, "Unfinished business" has been produced by Dru Lombar's buddy, Paul Hornsby, and delivers some of their best music with the great songs "Moving on back to you", "The warm kind", "Lady Luck", and the two covers, "I count the tears" (by the Drifters) and "You're gonna miss me" (by Albert King), and dedicated to the late Joe Dan Petty.
Jacques Dersigny

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