I'm One Of You
D2-78830-Curb Records
Titles :

1 Amos Moses
2 Liquor To Like Her
3 Just Enough To Get In Trouble
4 I'm One Of You
5 What's On The bar
6 Games People Play
7 Waylon's Guitar
8 Why Can't We All Just Get A Long
9 American Offline
10 Guitar Money
11 Devil In The Bottle

Two years after the superb Almeria Club, (homage to his father), here is the new album of Hank Williams Jr..
An album which begins in an environment very southern, with Amos Moses, and its topic of guitar in the way of southern rock, then Liquor To Enough, which is a more traditional ballade side country rock. This album continue with a Rock'n Roll title : Just Enough To Get In Trouble. I have been very impressed by the first three titles. Hank Williams Jr is well in this country rock close to southern rock, far from his country albums from the 80's. Please also note an homage to Waylon Jennings with the song Waylon's Guitar.
What to say more ?? Hank Williams Jr is one of the best in the Country music and prove it albums after albums.
Oh, by the way, wouldn't he come playing a day in Mirande (France) ??
Philippe Archambeau

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