Bring It On
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Titles :

1 Three Sheets To The Wind - 2 Bring It On - 3 American Thunder - 4 The Other Kind - 5 I Can’t Stop You - 6 Dixie Highway (Duet : Ron Keel & Henry Paul) - 7 The Best Move - 8 Desert Rain - 9 Haunted Saloon - 10 Rescued - 11 Half Past Goodbye - 12 One Hell Of A Ride

VIDEOS : American Thunder - The Best Move - Meet The Bnad

With music with a lot of clichés, a heavy country rock with FM sound, Iron Horse try to collect a lot of music addicts. Iron Horse use this way to try to get better songs and take no risk. It's a famous and an easy way to try to make money…
They look like heavy metal heroes clones, they play with a heavy sound, and many many notes every second… I must admit that they try to play songs in a southern way, but they really miss the southern spirit. They have a metallic sound and a real bad production. There are more and more notes every second, and we don't know what they are trying to tell us. Iron Horse has lost the musical identity battle. It is not because they talk about Lynyrd Skynyrd, or because they play with Harry Paul (who maybe remembered he was one of the great Outlaws guitarists and created the Henry Paul Band) that they can really be a part of the southern rock family. Let's be serious !

Jean-Claude Pinteaux

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