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Please Call Home / David Kalish Band (with Neil Larson - Piano, B-3)
Ain't Wastin'Time No More / Zoo People
Jessica / Rollin' In The Hay
Blue Sky / Mantra (with Matt Abts - Drums, Timbales)
Les Brers In A Minor / Zoo People
Pony Boy / Charlie Terrell (with Neil Larson - Piano, B-3)
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed / Mantra (with Matt Abts - Drums, Timbales)
Black Hearted Woman / Jimmy And The Tercels
It's Not My Cross To Bear / Richie & The Pocket Rockets
Sage / Zoo People

This album with all the "Allman Brothers's children" shows us this mythical band still influences the rock scene all over the USA. As a matter of fact, there are, on this album bands from Los Angeles to new York, and it proves us the Allman Brothers don't only have an impact in the south. You 'll find a nice version of "Please call home" by David Kalish band, with a production close to the Gregg Allman californian's period. "Ain't wastin time no more" and "Les Bres in A minor", by Zoo People are close to the Widespread Panic's sound and universe. A country blues version of the famous "Jessica" with dobor and mandolin. We find Matt Abts and his band Mantra for tws titles, that is "In memory of Elisabeth Reed" and "Blue sky". Charlie Terrel proposes a surprising version of "Pony boy", sounding country rock ala Chris Ledoux. Jimmy and the tercels gives us a real roots version of "Black hearted woman". A great version with so much feeling of "Itís not my cross to bear" by Richie & the Pocket Rocket, is real close fromp the Allman Brothers in the 80's with Dan Toler. The sound production is really high quality, but, to me, the albums is a bit too clean. This album is a must for all the Allman Brothers's fans. While waiting for a new release from the Brothers early 2003, here's another stone which consolidate the Allman Family's fondations.
Will Lester

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