Risin' High

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Titles :

1 Call Up The Doctor - 2 Throwing It All Away - 3 Sympathy - 4 Heavy Metal Outlaws - 5 Seven Days - 6 Gimme The Wheel
7 Take Me Back - 8 Risin' High

Musiciens: Dave Verno Jr, Vocals, Guitars, Mikael Van Devan, Bass on Take Me Back & Seven Days, Tommy Miller Bass on Call Up The Doctor, Mark Rennick, Bass on Sympathy, Jackson Parrott, Bass on Heavy Metal Outlaws, Johnny Russ, Bass on Throwing it All Away & Gimme the Wheel, David Maraman, Drums on Take Me Back & Risin'High, Chuck Felid, Drums, Chip Roland? Grand Piano & B3 Organ on Take Me Back & Risin' High, Tommy Thompson, B3 Organ & Grand Piano

Yeah, great !!! That's big and good southern rock, like we don't listen too much nowadays. That's what give us Dave Verno Jr and the "Jackson Stone Band" with this album "Risin' High", and it is really a good surprise for us at the end of this year. We did know this band some times ago, with two 2 songs-cds, but today we have a real and wonderful album, a really kick-ass on the southern scene. The sound is good, and it sometimes looks like Molly Hatchet, Skynyrd, or Copperhead or Moon Dog Mane (for those who know…). The first song, "Call up the Doctor", with heavy and strong guitar parts, brings us to a real heavy southern way. So take care… be brave and don't go back, because Dave and his buddies give us a real music for men, for sweaty and beer addicts, music for real southern rock fans, heavy guitars, good feeling, great rhythms. Don't think that those guys only play a basic music, because songs such as "Gimme the Wheel" or "Heavy Metal Outlaws" are really great… so are vocals and we do enjoy the way Dallis Craft and Marissa Mendenhall sing. Maybe Dale and Carol are no more alone ? So, you have understood, it was a great southern Rock n' Roll moment… and it's been a long time since I didn't enjoy such a record !!! Now I'm ready to get another one… With such bands that's for sure : Southern Rock is still alive and well ! You have to listen to this record, as soon as possible! Keep on Southern Rock !

John Molet


Titles :
Seven Days / Take Me Back / Sympaty / Risin’ High

Musicians :
David Verno : vocals, guitar
David Maraman : drums
Jason Wright : guitar, vocals
Mikael "Buster" Van Deven : bass, vocals

Jackson Stone comes out from Northern California, but on a music level, they're really southern oriented. Their two singles are here to prove it. Two great songs, "Take Me Back" and "Seven Days" have Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd influences, mainly on vocals, the perfect mix between Johnny Van Zant and Gregg Allman, with wonderful funky background vocals. Then, you have southern boogie songs with "Sympaty" and "Risin’ High", full of proud rock'n roll. I really hope they'll soon cut an album.
Jacques Dersigny

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