BIG CHRIS GATES and Gatesville
Ain't it grand .. ( 2006 )

Titles :

1 - How The Hell
2 - Then There's You
3 - Round & Round
4 - Wondering
5 - This Town
6 - Signs Of Life
7 - Holdin' On
8 - Independence day
9 - Kisses On The Sly
10 - One Last Chance
11 - Southern Man
12 - Quiet Love
13 - Reason To Believe
14 - Fade Away

Musicians :

Big Chris Gates - guitar & vocals
Tony Redman - lead guitar
Bobby Daniel - bass
Rick Lyon - drums
Additional musicians :
Dave Biller - pedal steel
Patrick Barker-Benfield - organ
Lenny Sanchez - drums
Erin James - background vocals

Incontestably, this famous man hit the road for a long time now and, as he told himself, he played music during all his life. He began with the Big Boys, and played later with many bands and especially Poison 13 and Junkyard. So you can understand that Big Chris travelled a lot in different places and in different musical directions. Today we are looking at this "Ain't It Grand" that gets some good Southern influences, as we do enjoy. I know it's not easy to talk about music played by other musicians, as I'm myself a guitar player in a band. However I do it and I say what I think about it. "How The Hell" is a good song to begin, a good heavy Rock n' Roll rhythm with seventies sound guitars, a heavy bass, good choruses, I enjoy. Then is "Then There's You", cool Country song, and "Round And Round" that convinces me that Big Chris Gates has released a very good Southern album. The other songs, such as "This Town" or "Southern Man", keep the same direction ! At the end, we can confirm that Big Chris Gates has made a true and beautiful Southern Rock CD and we only can affirm that to the world !

John Molet

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