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Titles :

1 Looking For Your Love
2 Blues In The Kitchen
3 ( Back In ) the Arms of My Baby
4 Get Rollin' Home
5 In Memory Of Elisabeth Reed ( Live )
6 One Way Out

Here, on Road To Jacksonville, we try to stay a little bit away from all the Tribute Bands, because, if it's easy to talk about a CD, it's not so easy to write about bands that do not play their own music. But, when we listened to that "Brothers Of The Road", created by Allman Brothers die-hard fans, we thought it was logical to talk about this band with so good musicians that realised some years ago this six-song Allman style CD that nobody knew when it was issued. This "Brothers Of The Road" is a friends' reunion with musicians that really enjoy the Allman Brothers. Benny Fiacco, Frosbit Blue bassist, leads that reunion and we get a very beautiful album with four songs and two live covers of the ABB ("In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" and "One Way Out"). That's not really original but obviously it's a well-made job !

John Molet

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