Kalispell ( 2003 - ATM Records )

Titles :

1 Last Call and First Light
2 Kalispell
3 Can't Cheat Fate
4 Dancehall Sweat
5 Say Little
6 Can I Change My Mind
7 Cold April Rain
8 What Kind of Fool
9 I Need a Raise
10 Paper Trail
11 This 'Ol Cowboy
12 Rescue
13 Man Out Of Time
14 House Lo Mein
15 Kalispell ( edited )

Musicians :
Joey Parrish - bass
Court Pickett - drums
Randall Calvert - lead guitar
Terry Collins - keyboards
Rick Cash - lead vocals
Danny Sigfried - guitar

This second and unhappily last album makes us regret again the split of the Bruce Marshall Group. Their first album "Love The Ride" is now unavailable and that's really pity because this musician is brilliant. Let's remind he played with the Toy Caldwell band, and made some jams with James Montgomery, James who plays harmonica on two songs on this album. I recommend this CD to all the Marshall Tucker Band die-hard fans. Bruce Marshall Group music has excitant moments, for instance the first song "Last Call And First Light", not really jazz, not really rock, and the wonderful "Kalispell" a real Marshall Tucker spirit song. A touch of Allman Bros on the instrumental "House Lomein", a kind of Midnight Rider on "Paper Trail", a great slow "Rescue" title written in the 70s by Boston's Chris Rhodes Band. Bruce Marshall comes from Boston too, damned, Yankees that play Southern Boogie Rock, that's incredible.

Jacques Dersigny

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