One Monkey Don't Spoil The Show ( 2005 )

Titles :

1 - Think About You
2 - This Time
3 - Sweet Caroline
4 - Leaving
5 - If You've Got Troubles
6 - Point Of No Return
7 - Everyday Grind
8 - Gray Day
9 - Lost Love
10 - Nice Set Of Headlights
11 - You Can't Stop Love
12 - The Bus

Musicians :
Joey Parrish - bass
Court Pickett - drums
Randall Calvert - lead guitar
Terry Collins - keyboards
Rick Cash - lead vocals
Danny Sigfried - guitar

The chimpanzee on Silver Travis cover stops his ears, and we ask ourselves why, because Silver Travis, that comes like the Marshall Tucker Band, from Spartanburg, shows all his qualities on this first album. There are good influences, like the Marshall Tucker Band, but Silver Travis music is a kind of unique, and there's always something happening. A song such as Leaving, jazzy and laid-back, reminds us of Toy Caldwell, and we also get some Blues on Point Of No Return. Silver Travis is heavier on Everyday Grind and The Bus, in a kind of the band Eat A Peach. Bound To Shine is the perfect album for Southern Rock roots die-hard fans.

Jacques Dersigny

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