The Hillary Step

CD The Hillary Step
1 A Little Like Me / 2 Nothing To Prove / 3 Falling / 4 Crazy Women / 5 Wheel / 6 Fool's Tale / 7 Tattoo / 8 Today / 9 Fade

DVD Jammin' At The Jammer
1 Pawn / 2 On Trial / 3 Blue Agave / 4 Tattoo / 5 Amorous / 6 Everytime / 7 Little Like Me / 8 Jot / 9 Chances / 10 Fool's Tale / 11 Snakehandler
12 Confusionville / 13 Blackberry Blossom / 14 Lucky Day Jam / 15 Cindi / 16 Crazy Women / 17 Rose Hill / 18 Ship In The Bottle / 19 Real Thing
20 Ballad Lucy Edenfield
Musicians :

John Felty: Guitars, Slide, Vocals
Steve Trismen : Fiddle, Vocals
Sanders Brightwell : Bass
Noel Felty : Drums, Guitars, Vocals
Matthew Mayes : Guitars, Guijo, Banjo, Vocals

Here are the coyotes comeback, and gentlemen a double CD/DVD.
Jupiter Coyote belongs to bands difficult to classify, in general put in Jam bands.
Supported by very many faithful fans (as for the Grateful Dead), during their numerous US tours, the DVD, the first of the group, (even if one video tape of a concert as already been released), allows enable us to note that several titles present on the Cd have already been played live, as A Like Little Me, Fool's Tale or Tattoo. We can also find in this DVD recorded at The Windjammer, Isle Of Palms, SC, several titles of what remains my preferred album of the Coyotes, Lucky Day, namely Amorous, Confusionville and Lucky Day Jam.And the summit, the price of this double CD/DVD will be closer to that one simple CD. What ask moreover ??
Thank you Coyotes. Beep, Beep!!!
Philippe Archambeau


Titles :
Disc 1/2 :
Tumbleweed / Parkway blue blinder / Amorous / Narrow line / Drew's theme / Confusionville / Snakehandler / Flight of the locax / Everytime / Man In your band / Ballad of Lucy Edenfield
Disc 2/2 :
Rose Hill / Inquire with delight / Lucky day / Cindi / Jot / Real thing / Willow / Duelin' banjos / Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Musicians :

John Felty : vocals, mandoline, guitar, slide
Matt Mayes : vocals, guitar, guijo (stratocaster body, banjo fretboard)
Sanders Brightwell : bass
Steve tristmen : vocals, violin
Noel Felty : drums

Not that easy to define Jupiter Coyote. Are they a southern rock band or a jam band ? Knowing they come from North Carolina, and they get together in Macon, GA, they should be considered as a southern rock band.
When you listen to their music, you could classify them in the jam band category (they're often categorized that way, as are Allman Brothers Band or Widespread panic. Finally, they can classified in any category, their music is really enjoyable et they should be more present in the media (250 shows a year and more than 150000 sold albums should be enough for them to get a better exposure).
This live album shows all their universe, all the periods of the band and all their influences. You can hear their country side (or even bluegrass) on "Everytime", "Ballad of Lucy Edenfield" and of course "Duelin' banjos / Foggy Mountain Breakdown" ; more powerful sound on songs such as "Confusionville" and "Snakehandler" ; and some asouthern accents on "Narrow Line".
The guitar work, or guitar and violon, on harmony is really great. John Felty reminds me a bit of Warren Haynes on the way he attcks the notes when playing slide guitar. Of course, the improvisation is very well developped on songs such as "Amorous", "Rose Hill" (a tribute to the Allman Brothers Band) or "Willow"
Dominique Turgot


Titles :
Not alone / Telephone / Mean women / Whistle blows / Keep the faith
Musicians :
Tommy Courson: vocals, bass
Ansley Courson : guitar
Jose Lazo : guitar
Willis Courson : drums
Gene Davis : keyboards

As I had never heard about this band in the southern rock scene, I was pretty curious to know if the southern label would "match" this band, as we see so many bands using this label and when you listen to their music, it's not really southern ! So, when we got this five titles cd, we wanted to know what iit was. After listening to these tunes, there is for sure southern roots in their music, and especially from the 70's in the way they build their songs. The title "Not alone" is pretty much close to Lynyrd Skynyrd 's "Simple man", as are the other songs ("Telephone", "Mean women" ,"Whistle blows" and "Keep the faith"), where the atmosphere would surely enjoy the southern rock fans from the 70's, and we can say this band is not, as many other ones, in the heavy southern rock category. It's mostly cool, and really far from the overdriven guitar sounds, some guitar solos or riffs remind me of the seventies, a time where southern rock was evolving to become the music we now appreciate. So, let's hope Budderkat to keep on playing this music and to record a complete album for us to get a more precise idea on who this band is.
John Molet


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