Titles :
Everyday people / That’s alright / You got it / Lonely nights / We all need it / My sunny days / Last night I met Carl Perkins / I still wanna be your man / Lookin’ for Mr Perfect / Have you ever loved a woman / What you see is what you get

Musicians :
Doug Phelps : vocals, guitar
Greg Martin : guitar
Richard Young : guitar
Anthony Kenney : bass
Fred Young : drums

With this brand new album, called "soul", the Kentucky Headhunters show an aspect of their talent we didn't really to this day. They were quite popular with their country rock blues music, but here, they're adding some rhytm'n'blues. Of course the musical bases are still there and some of these songs are really pleasant such as "Everyday people", the opening track, built over a cool tempo and which give a great part to the vocals. The song "That's allright" is also very mush in the spirit of this soul album. Speaking of this song, Greg Martin even adds : "if David Bowie grew up in southern Kentuvky, may be he'ld have sung this way". "Lonely nights" is also a great song, which could have been done by Andrew Strong and the Commitments. I must admit I'm not a great fan of this musical approach, but I must also confess I've been really surprised by the way the great sound of this album and the way the music was played. Sometimes, when you don't really like the musical style on an album, it can be real boring to listen to it, but I wouldn't say that for this album, as it doesn't get boring to me as I listen to it. And there's always this southern blues influences I like so much, with songs such as "We all need it" or "Last night I met Carl Perkins", which reminds me some of the Georgia Satellites. Finally, I can say we have a great quality album.
John Molet

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