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Titles :
Somewhere Out There / I Heard Heaven / Two Men / Everything You Need / Secret Place / The Lights Came On / Just Another Day / One Day Peace / Now'e The Time / Africa ( I'll Come Back To You ) / Red Sky At Morning / Last Call / What Could Have Been / Won't You Come Along

Musicians :
Danny Liston : guitar, vocals
Hunter Joseph Sprenger : bass
Jim Nichol : drums

Mama's Pride is kind of coming back on a track with the release of his singer and guitar player, Dannyl Liston's debut album. Being a restaurant owner in St Louis, MI, Danny delivers a menu which is not really what fans were expecting, as there is no more music Mama's Pride were doing in the past. Here is a mix of different kinds of music and influences ; the chef Liston's music sounds a bit of The Beatles with the song "Lights Came On", a bit of The Rolling Stones on "Last Call", and a bit of new age and celtic with "Now's the time". Well, not to say, this ain't southern rock music, but at least one of the biggest southern rock singer is back.
Jacques Dersigny

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