Titles :
Travelling band / Bring me some water / Lonely are the brave / Run away / No tomorrow / Tell me / Don't you know / Don't waste your life / Leaving / Down the line / Coming home / Arrival

Musicians :
Georg Bayer : vocals
Volker Dörfler : guitar
Christoph Berner : guitar
Ralf Mende : bass
Klaus Brosowski : keyboards
Helmut Kipp : drums

With the release of the last Dox Holliday's album, here comes an other great moment of joy and satisfaction, I'm talking about the Lizard's last album. This is certainly the best release to this day for the german band, even if the previous album were great. While listening to thier last release, I have the feeling they reached the higher step to be considered a major band. The sound is also great andperfect, just as the songwritng. Listen to the great "Travelling band" and its guitar riff by CHristoph Berner or you can also have a listen to "Bring me some water" (written by Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody, ex Whitesnake) and you know what I mean. Lizard, today is a great band, a major band ! There are still great songs on this album, such as "Lonely are the brave" and its slide guitar part, "Tell me" (the one I like the most) and the great "Coming home" and its southern guitars. For sure, Lizard has got to a higher level, has got a new dimension. Hats off to Georg Bayer and his buddies.
John Molet

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