Titles :
Stones throw / Burn me / Misery / The roadsong / Lay me down / Tall one / Badlands / The fisherman

Musicians :
Jay Moore : vocals
John Lesnik : guitar
Mike Briggs : bass
Mike Smedley : drums
Charleene Marshall : background vocals

While the Black Crowes seem to have difficulties in keeping their band on the road, other bands, really influenced by the crowes, do not hesitate to express themselves. Nevertheless, it is with a certain pleasure I discovered the last album from Mama Tribe and the first thing you hear is the similarity between this band and the Robinson brothers's band. Jay Moore, lead vocalist, has a voice which is real close to Chris Robinson's one. The style and the sound of the guitar from John Lesnik reminds me of Rich Robinson. But don't get me wrong, Mama Tribe has its own personnality and the Black Crowes fans should get an interest in listening to this band.
John Molet

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