Bootleg : Live In Florida

Titles :

Live In Orlando: 1 Slip Away - 2 Perfect World - 3 Heaven Has No Mercy - 4 Sweet Lil angel - 5 Why You Wanna Bring Me Down ? -
6 When I Call Home / Home Demo: 7 When I Call Home - 8 Things You Never Stole - 9 You Are My Light - 10 Angel in The Desert
11 New Pet Monkey - 12 Mahalo

No, RTJ is not now a tabloid for all the stars and famous people, and stars children adventures, but today we've got Gregg Allman's son cd. This album is sold at CD Baby, and is called HONEYTRIBE. Devon Allman is the leader (guitar/vocals and good slide player) and his voice looks a little bit like Gregg Allman's one at the time of Hourglass.
This bootleg album as seven songs live and five demo songs. We just can say that live and studio production is not at the level we could have expected. However the four musicians are really gifted and, it's not a surprise, their sound is close to the Allman Brothers, especially on the songs 'Heaven has no mercy', 'Slip away' and 'Why you wanna bring me down', with good vibrations and great feeling. There are also a kind of improvisation on the Allman's 'Jessica', classical blues on 'Perfect World' and 'Sweet Lil' Angel', and the instrumental song 'Mahalo' in a Carlos Santana-Gregg Allman connexion. In the demos songs, there is a jewel called 'Angel in the Desert' that looks a little bit like the Allman's 'Melissa'. So you have understood that if you do enjoy the Allman family, this record is for you.
Jacques Dersigny

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