EDIT 04 " 17Great Hard & Southern Rock Tracks
( Compilation )

Titles :

01 American Dog : Black Night - 02 Doomfoxx : Piece Of Me - 03 Nashville Pussy : Come on, Come on
04 Doc Holliday : Midnight Rider - 05 Wind : Fake It - 06 Blackberry Smoke : Testify - 07 Ghost Riders : Roots
08 Adrian Thomas : So Much Luv - 09 Doc Holliday : Long Haired Country Boy (live) - 10 Skinny Molly : Too Much
11 Molly Hatchet : Moonlight Dancin'on a Bayou - 12 American Dog : Shiticker (live) -
13 Lord Bishop Rock : Last Train Home14 v8 Wankers : Good Ass (is hard to find) - 15 Dave Eav,s : Sinner -
16 Ohrenfeindt : Zum Rocken Geboren - 17 Ohrenfeindt : Rockstar

I must admit that this 'Phoenix Records' compilation seems (for me) like a very strange mix of many very different bands sometimes in musical styles really opposite. I can understand that some fans can enjoy such a compilation and are able to enjoy real hard guitar sounds (American Dog, Lord Bishop Rocks, V8 Vankers, Ohrenfeindt) and softer country-blues atmospheres (Doc Holliday, Skinny Molly, Ghost Riders). Only the Molly Hatchet song (Moonlight dancin' on the Bayou live) can (whatever the way we feel it) be classified in the two categories. For me, it is really hard to enjoy such a mix and so many different musical approaches. So however, there are more serious problems in life and I'm going soon to listen again to the very nice acoustic live version of the Doc Holliday's 'Long haired country boy'.
John Molet

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