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1 Feel Alright (On A Saturday Night) - 2 Bad Luck - 3 Stray Dogs - 4 Ain't Talking About Love - 5 Wild Horses -
6 When The night Comes Down - 7 Ain't Enough Love - 8 Boogie On Down - 9 Double Trouble - 10 Road To Nowhere
11 Keep On Running - 12 Woman On My Mind

We don't really know this band that just issued a cd in Switzerland on Disctrade records, and where plays an Englishman Mark Eliott (that had previously worked with Gallagher, Clapton, Dire Straits… before), a German Hanns Haurein on drums (who previously played with the Edgar Broughton Band, Company of Wolves, Not' n' nasty, etc…), and a Swiss boy Beat Schaub on bass guitar. So we don't really know a lot about them, but we just can say that The Force, in a Boogie-Hard-Bluesy style, should be enjoyed by a lot of big sound and hard guitar choruses -on a heavy rhythm network- fans. So I know that the music they give us is not really new or innovative, but when I listen to a song such as 'Road to Nowhere', I only can say they are good and they made a good job. Nice women, Bikers and Rock n' Roll, that a famous compilation and this record has to be listened as soon as possible !
John Molet

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