Give it To Ya'
( 2005- ChattahoocheedRecords )

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1 Find Another Lover - 2 Be On My Merry Way - 3 The Hawka's a Breeze - 4 Give Itto Ya' - 5 Why I Sing the Blues
6 Down to the River - 7 Union Station - 8 21st Century Mojo Man - 9 For The Music - 10 Sanctified Sinner
11 Take Me to the River

When we listen to this album, we can feel the big Delta Blues influence in its spirit and in Tom Crain way of playing. Let's remember that this famous guitarist played for a long time with Charlie Daniels on about twenty albums, and he got a Grammy Award for 'the Devil went down to Georgia'.Today, Tom Crain plays alone but he has kept his famous composer and musician abilities, and he is still one of the best musician in this style. This album is in the same way and songs such as 'Be on my Merry Way' with a wonderful slide guitar part, 'Give it to ya', and 'Twenty first century' (that looks like 'Hoochie Coochie Man') really sounds like the Allman Brothers. All along this album, Tom Crain proves that his absence has not changed his wonderful feeling that we shouldn't forget !
John Molet

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