Southern Born
( 2001-Recorded at Historic Capricorn Studio
in Macon Georgia for Dixie Record )

Titles :

1 Never Meant To Hurt Me / 2 Witness / 3 Hey Girl / 4 Gone And Left Me / 5 Thirthy Eight Ford / 6 No More Lies / 7 Lonely Girl /
8 Baby / 9 Sure Got It Made / 10 Boogie Baby
Just a few words about this band, that is proud from his roots from the South of the United States. Just the name, Mason Dixon, tells a lot, and the title of this album is "Southern Born", so it's easy to understand that they do come from the South and play Southern Rock. When we listen to their music, it is even more true, with a melting pot of Rock, Country, and mainly Blues. This band, without being a top group, plays some music we are happy to listen to !

John Molet

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