Titles :
Do the best you can / Tell me why / My dreams your dreams / Crying like a baby (back on the bottle again) / I don't care anymore / Dance to the band / Soft shoulders...curves ahead / The hill / Baby, baby, baby / Hugo / Snakebit

Musicians :
Troy Locke : bass, vocals, guitar, percussion
James Wilson : lead guitar, vocals
Bobby Turner : drums
Doug Dennis : lead guitar, slide
Captain Bodean : guitar, vocals
Steve Smitkin : bass

Matanzas get his name after the southern historical monument, Fort matanzas (just south of St Augustine, one of the most beautiful city in Florida) and they often perform at the famous club "Trade Winds", with people such as Artimus Pyle who comes sometimes to jam.
Their music is mostly country music, with some tex-mex influences. "Crying like a baby" sounds a bit like a Rolling Stones song. Doug Dennis does an extremely great job on slide guitar.
Dominique Turgot

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