Titles :
My town / Break my heart again / Scarecrow / Bad for good beavers / Speed / Hell yeah / Lonesome beard / Why do I feel like running / Free fall hightower / Lie before you leave / For the money / Good clean fun

Musicians :
Eddie Montgomery : vocals
Troy Gentry : vocals, guitar
Al Yasha Anderson : electric guitar
Bekka Bramlett : background vocals
Pat Buchanan : electric guitar
Eric Darken : percussion
Dan Dugmore : dobro, accoustic guitar, steel guitar
David Grissom : electric guitar
Wes Hightower : background vocals
Chuck Leavell : keyboards
Greg Morrow : drums
Johnny Neel : harmonica, organ
Doug Powell : mandolin
Darrell Scott : banjo
Jeffrey Steele : background vocals
Curtis Wright : background vocals

Usually, when people speak about "new country, everybody thinks of Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Little Texas, Brooks & Dunn, among others, but there also shourld be Montgomery & Gentry with their country and rock atmospheres. They have remarquable musical expressions and sometimes their music goes real close to the one we love at "Road To Jacksonville", that is southern rock. With this new album, "My town", their 3rd one, they surely maintain they're one of the best "new country" acts, with country songs good for the heart ("My town", "Break my heart again", "Lie before you leave"), with rock'n roll and bluesy tunes ("Bad for good", "Why do I feel like running"), and a special cover, as it is a song from the great Allman Brothers band, "Good clean fun". When you know great musicians such as Johnny Neel, Chuck Leavell, Pat Buchanan and Greg Morrow played on the album, you're a bit less surprised. Let's hope this kind of music can be much more distributed in our country....Keep your fingers crossed.
John Molet

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