Titles :
Ain't it A Shame / Cell Block 7 / Gettin' Better / Roughhousin' / Fancy Ideas / These Days / Lonely Dreamer / Moonshine / Come And Go Blues / Anytime / In The Morning

Musicians :
Hans Bergsma : vocals
Bas Meijer : guitars, background vocals
Herman Timmer : bass
Peter Cramer : keyboards
John Roffel : drums
Jan Postema : guitars

Another interesing discovery with this dutch band which proposes a southern Rock n Roll in the purest tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, and even ... Eat a Peach.Finally, those who thought that Southern Rock had died and was buried will have to come back a little later. Fortunately, bands such as Moonshine prove this music is still alive and well, and there would be a big number of bullets to use in the reserve of the southerners.
The opening title "Ain't it Shame" reminds me of "Ive Seen Enough" from Lynyrd Skynyrd 91, But don't get me cry, this band is not a band which copy their masters, they have their own personnality. As many southern bands, they don't hesitate to pay tribute to southern rock bands using cliches. Last but not least, their label is called "Free Bird Record".
John Molet

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