Titles :
Bang, Bang, Bang / Living on love / Come back to haunt you / Party till the cows come home (Elvin Bishop) / Queen of hearts (G. Allman) / I forget to forget you / Nothing but the blues / 2:10 Train / Breaking for you / Lamar's tune

Musicians :
Mike Reilly : lead & slide guitar, vocals
Jimmy McGrew : lead guitar & vocals
Mike Kahrs : keyboards
Calvin Hardy : bass
Stu Nevitt : drums

Mike Reilly is not a completely unknown character in the music business as he's been a member of the Gregg Allman Band in the early 90's and the Toler Brothers around '95. He's also worked with the Marshall Tucker Band, Elvin Bishop and Joe Walsh among many others. He started his musical career with Lamar Williams and Jaimoe from the Allman Brothers in a band called the Sharpshooters Band. He'es been fronting his own band, the Mike Reilly band for the last five years or so and he's now releasing a brand new album, "Ol' knuckleheads". This album is mainly blues oriented, really swinging blues I have to say, reminding sometimes of Elvin Bishop's style. Speaking of Elvin, there's a cover of his song "Party till the cows come home" which, to me, is real close to Elvin's style. Mike also recorded an other cover on his album, "Queen of hearts" from Gregg Allmman, a great song. The album ends with a tribute to Lamar Williams, "Lamar's tune" with Dan Toler playing guitar on this tune.
Dominique Turgot

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