Titles :
Intoš / Whiskey / Starý chrám / Formou jiných lásek / Volnost / Já vím svý / Facka X / Doufám, že v nebi jsou (V?nováno památce Ronnieho van Zanta a Stevea Gainese z Lynyrd Skynyrd) / Ohnivá voda / Víla / Muzeum ?asu / Hlubina p?ání / Zamilovaný sn?hulák / P?lnoc je básník

Musicians :
Broněk Přibyla : vocal
Michal Němec : bass guitar
Milan Fibiger : guitar
Jaroslav Šantrůček : keyboards
Jirka Mizera : guitar
Robert Vizinger : drums

Southern rock music influenced many many musicians all over the world, and it's not that difficult to find fans form Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Molly Htachet…in countries where the american culture is not supposed to be well "admitted". By the way, there are many bands everywhere on this planet which confirms southern rock music in its authenticity and its style. A good example is this band, "Ohniva Voda"…which comes from the Czech Republic, inspired ny the greatests bands which define this musical style. As a tribute, they thank ("dékuje" in their language) their "masters", Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Molly Htachet, 38Special, among others. Milan Fibiger and his buddies didn't choose the easiest way as they sing in their own language, but you can feel the most important, that is sincerity and the spirit of the music. They pay tribute to Ronnie vanZant and Steve Gaines with the song " Doufam ze v nebi jsou". Ohniva Voda is talented band with this passion for southern rock music and spirit as showed with their song "Zamilovany snéhulak", a "Freebird" song from the Czech Republic. The Southern Rock's gonna rise again my friends.
John Molet

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