Titles :
Pride in your pain / Copperhead Well / Trials and tribulations / No reason (life once in time) / The road / Shotgun Momma / Bill Dawson / Time on the run / Kick away the blues / Hard to find the time / Oklahoma / Blue-eyed willow

Musicians :
Joe Boris : guitar, vocals, mandolin
Gary Gallagher : guitar, vocals
Katie Schmidt : percussion, vocals
Adam Riley : bass, guitar, vocals
Alzie : Drums, vocals
Jeff Pearlman : Hammond organ, vocal

One eyed Jack is not what we generally call a southern rock band. They go from heavy rock ("Copperhead Well" or "Time to run"), to rythmn and blues ("The Road"), to country rock ("Shotgun Momma"). There's also an Allman Brothers 's influence on "Bill Dawson". The two guitar players 's work is very complementary and really enjoyable.
The melodic solo on "Blue-Eyed willow" is a really great one. Listen to the killer rythmic section on "Kick away the blues".
Dominique Turgot

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