Fred at the Drugstore

Titles :

1 Down The Road / 2 Leather Pants / 3 Jesus Jst Left Chicago / 4 Drugstore / 5 Last Boogie / 6 No Chorus

What a pleasure due to this discographic confirmation of Plug N Play; originating from TROYES (Aube district in France), this band exhibits all qualities to become impossible to be passed round on French Blues Rock stages. Made up of very skillful musicians, Plug N Play asserts one's authority by a style between Texan Rock and Classic Rock. Fans of ZZ Top of the beginnings, they excel obviously in the tempos and sonorities inherited from this band. With this own-produced album of 6 titles, Alan and Chistophe 's band especially hope to win fame in the impassioned circles of the Blues Rock and consequently to challenge the promoters of concerts. Because of their scenic capacity, it would be a really shame to miss them. This mini album is also the proof of a great richness of composition, the vocals are particularly polished by the two singers who are Bruno and Fred, the guitars are -them also- very higher than the average, as for the rythm section held by Eric ans Jean Phi it is quite simply without fault. Then, it is virtualy certain that when pieces like Down the Road, Drugstore or the masterly Last Boogie will have been put onto your CD reader, you would want to know more about Plug N Play. No problem, they ask only for that ! To discover without the least hesitation.

John Molet

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