MP3. COM 35661
Titles :
All My Blues / Stay Away / Down On My Knees / Fire On The Tracks / Long Way To Go / Lisa's Song / Leave You For A Dime / Tell Your Daddy / The Price You Pay / This Time

Musicians :
Chip Curtis : vocals, guitar
Roger Rowe : vocals, guitar
Denny Tompkins : drums
Mike McGuire : basse

When you see the cover art, you easily see a reference to the Allman Brothers Band from this band coming from Illinois. When you listen to their first album, it's clearly obvious this band listened to the brothers, and for sure enjoyed them, as guitar sound and harmonies remind clearly of Dickey Betts. They have great originals songs, such as "The Price You Pay" (which reminds the famous "Melissa"), "Stay Away" or "Long way to go" but the production is a bit shy (enregy misses, work on the voice…).
Dominique Turgot

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