Musiciens :
Jimmy Dougherty, Lead Vocals, Randall Hall, Guitar, Tim Lindsey, Bass, Barry Rapp, Keyboard, Sammy Buonocore, Drums/Vocals

Titles :

1 Trust - 2 Square Peg - 3 Just Trouble

Many of us remember this great and nice guitar player who was in Lynyrd Skynyrd in the Tribute Tour in 1987. We do remember too when the band played in Paris in February 1992, where Randall showed us how good and gifted he was. So now, Randall Hall is no more in Lynyrd Skynyrd, but his southern feeling is still present, as we can listen to it on this 3 songs-cd he just made with some friends, Jimmy Dougherty (lead vocal), Tim Lindsey (Basse), Barry Rapp (Keyboard ), Sammy Buonocore (Batterie). We are sorry that Randall didn't give us a full cd, because when we listen to songs such as "Trust" or the great "Square Peg", we can tell that mister Hall is still alive and well as a great southern musician. Who knows ? Maybe we can ask him on his website (www.randalhall.com), and maybe he can give us new songs ? We do wish to get this !
John Molet

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